Strangeness from the search archive…

“my little sister is growing big boobs”

 I know I have mentioned boobs in the past. I’m a big fan, a cheerleader for the power of boobs in all their incarnations. But how the hell did THAT search term come up with my blog?? I looked way back to the beginning of this blog, stories of my trip to Monhegan Island, Boston, my good friends in the band Sirsy and even my more recent posts about my sisters death and my strange food encounters and silliness from the past few months….how in the hell does that search term relate to my blog?? I’m almost offended.

The flip side to this is: why is that searcher so interested in their sisters boobs? Is there some sort of implied incest situation happening here? Which again, brings me to my own blog: do I mention incest anywhere??? I think NOT! I almost wish I could contact the searcher and suggest that perhaps they need some counseling….


24 responses to “Strangeness from the search archive…

  1. Ha! You are a freak and were not aware. (j/k) It is very odd how search engines link sites.

    I often wonder if a sexual deviant who stop in and read my blog, will somehow link me to a crime. Say, a child molester often visits my blog. (For some unbeknownst to me reason.) He is arrested and his computer confiscated. The police find multiple hits to my blog… Would I then be on their watch list?

  2. Betme – in all honesty, I think you would be part of the initial investigation, definitely..
    speaking from some experience here : co worker was arrested for child porn, they came to my workplace and interviewed everyone and confiscated his computer…pretty scary stuff

  3. Betme – I’m already friends with the local PD: sold them some of their vehicles…:)

    Red – Poo? Now thats what I call a sticky situation…

    Lucky – disturbing doesn’t even begin to describe some of the silliness that people search for….just get the creepy crawlies thinking about some of it

  4. Maybe you could do a blog that’s like a counseling session for those preoccupied with their sister’s boobs. Make sure you put the exact phrase as a tag. Then, when they search again, they will certainly find your blog and get a bit of counseling too.

    Somebody found my husband’s blog by searching for “banging my ex-girlfriend in 2008”. I wore myself out reading every single blog he’s ever written wondering if I should be concerned.

  5. Maybe it’s not a guy at all, but an older sister who is jealous and wants it to stop! LOL. Also that whole search engine spider thing may take this post and send it out to wherever it sends it and you will get more boob related inquires. Ugh!

  6. Well, my search terms consist of “lazy stuff”, “wedding jokes” (wtf? I haven’t written anything about weddings, or jokes), “when did hell begin” (yeah, definitely gonna find the answer on my blog!), and “crazy chick”, along with numerous uninteresting terms. It amazes me what people are searching for. And just like DDTD says…now you’re gonna get searches based on the terms we’ve included in our comments! Ha!

  7. Dude, I feel for you…I often get searches for things like “death by horse cock video” ..and I just scratch my head…the Internet is FULL of “interesting” characters I suppose, and how they end up in my hood..well maybe it’s one of life’s great mysteries….

  8. no, not lost…
    been an incredibly busy week or so and have only been on sporadically…planning on setting aside time this sunday to do a little writing…:) gots a lot on my tiny little mind

  9. Tis true! But I will start writing soon…need to document some of this silliness before I forget anything…the last few weeks have been socially exhausting: when I’m at work, been able to play on here but as soon as I get out, well, never had such a busy social calendar….which is good…would be better if it involved a bit more of me and a date, but thats another blog…
    which, I should mention, I actually had one of those where the other party showed up…more later…:)

  10. Don’t stop at “the other party showed up”!!!…dude I’ll be waiting for the full play-by-play please (within reason, of course, LOL 😉 )

  11. 2LD & ROMI – I know, the tough life of being somewhat popular…:) but the date was ok, we met at a LOURDS show, talked for a few days, had dinner, we both had a good time. But since then, she has been in the process of a move and had just gotten out of a long term relationship, so basically, bad timing on my part. We still talk, but I’m not going to put any kind of pressure on her whatsoever. Figure if she wants to get together again when things have settled down again, she will let me know. She has actually said as much. But I’ve been single for 2+ years now, not going to rush into anything and definitely don’t want to rush someone else into something either.

    PAMMY – Yikes, although, I have met some hot grandmas…nothing sexier than when they take those false teeth out…mmm

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