Horrorpops or Welcome Back The Rockabilly!


How could you not fall in love with this woman??

My musical vision and tastes have been a little narrow lately. I’ve been focusing on my own little local scene and the careers of my good friends. My devotion and friendship had blinded me to the music beyond my borders and my circle of friends. Then, I heard her.

Listening to NPR the other day, a story came on about about the resurgence of rockabilly and psychobilly around the world. And not just the music, but whole aesthetic that comes along with it : tattoos, Betty Page hairdos, flat tops, leather, etc. Think the movie The Outsiders, but with alot more attitude and ink. I had always been a fan of The Reverend Horton Heat, Ronnie Dawson and other bands that fell under the psychobilly umbrella during the early 90’s, but over time, well, I sorta lost interest in the uniqueness of the sound and the melding of old school rockabilly with punk rock. The scene didn’t notice my indifference, the scene carried on and grew stronger and stronger. The story from NPR was illustrating it’s growth and popularity in places like Denmark, the UK, Belgium, Amsterdam and even in Japan. One of the bands they mentioned was the Horrorpops.

I’m embarassed to admit that I am definitely coming late to this party. The Horrorpops have been around since 1996 and I’m only just now hearing them for the first time. With my encyclopedic knowledge of most things in the alternative rock arena, I had to admit, I had never heard of them. The NPR piece played a sample…and I completely fell in love. How could you not? This amazing woman with an incredible voice rocking out with a stand up bass??? Their recordings really allow you to hear every pluck of the strings as she plays her custom made stand up bass, built just for her by her husband (DAMMIT!!) Kim Nekroman, whose own band, the Nekromantix, produce their own brand of dark psychobilly. Nekroman is also in the Horrorpops playing guitar. I went straight from work to Bullmoose Music and bought their cds, after adding them on the crackspace as well. Now I just need to see them live and so do you!!! If you hear about them playing in your area, run, don’t walk, to that show!!! I’ll probably see you there…. 🙂




8 responses to “Horrorpops or Welcome Back The Rockabilly!

  1. Okay, I just realized that carrying around a stand-up bass will make me a lot hotter…I gotta get me one of those… 🙂

  2. PETER – definitely check them out if you get the chance! I just wish they had some tour dates coming my way…. 😦

    ROMI – Omigod! If you were fronting a rockabilly band while playing a stand up bass, I think I would have to just propose to you right then and there…. 🙂

  3. PETER – Glad you like them! It’s down and dirty, bar brawling rock n roll! I have a video of them form the Jimmy Kimmel show on my myspace and according to people who have seen them live, their shows are astounding! Goth Girl Go Go dancers, insane pit, and she obviously has amazing stage presence! I’m dying to experience the live act! Although, I will go nowhere near the pit: too old for that crap…I’ll be by the bar with the rest of the old punks…. 😉

  4. Horrorpops are one of the first bands I started to listen to
    when I got into psychobilly. Its badass to see a female rocking out with the bass while singing. I already seen them back in 2005
    and they put a hell of a show. Their also one of the first bands to use go-go dancers(that I know of). Tere’s many female lead singers such as The Creepshow, Hell on Heel fall into the vibe too, Thee Merry Widows also have that “in your face” attitude in their music. Just keep a look at for female bands to take over the psychobilly scene.

    I love The Creepshow! I have them on my Myspace….or I did until recently! I know I still have them as friends on there. Yeah, I’ve always had a soft spot for the rockabilly chicks! As far as go-go dancers, they have been around on the scene for ages in different bands. I remember seeing Tiger Army years ago and they had two ‘pole dancers’. Not sure if that was part of their schtick or something specific to that tour….

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