I quit or my brain needs a happy hour…or two…or three

Lake where we spread her ashes

Well, work has decided to block all things wordpress so now, I can’t read here and comment when I’m at work for 12+ hours. And due to other mitigating circumstances in this hilarious thing I try to call a life, I think I need a break. So have fun people, I’ll probably try to check in from home now and then. If you need me, email or myspace work wonderfully and I even have a a facebook account now (thanks Romi). Take care everyone.


Strangeness from the search archive or Sunday Boobs!

I haven’t looked at that search archive in awhile and today, I took a gander.

Aparently, yesterday was “Boobs” Day. Here are the search terms that found my blog yesterday:

WORLDS BIGGEST BOOBS – Good luck finding those, sunshine….my question is: what are you going to do when you find them? Scratch that…I really don’t want to know.

PORN BOOBS – I’m sorry, but were the kajilliongazillion actual porn sites too busy to field this query??

BOOBS OF THE PAST – Um, what? How exactly do you interpret that? I was thinking maybe it was a porno version of A Christmas Carol and the first ghost is the Ghost of Boobs of the Past…..

BIG BOOBS – Not very original but somehow, they were led to me.

and last but not least:

INDIAN BOOBS – I’m not sure, but I think you may have been looking for Miss Romi 

Strange to see so many boob searches in one day, course now I’ve garunteed I’ll have many more in the future. Joy!


Music that is rockin my cd player (stolen from 2LD)

As the title implies, I stole this from 2LazyDogs. I have been a little sick for the past week and just been avoiding writing anything and I was happy as hell to see a MEME I could sink my teeth into. So here is the music that is rocking my socks right now! I’m not tagging anyone for this but feel free to steal , rinse, lather and repeat! 🙂

The Horrorpops

How can you not love this band? Psychobilly silliness, gorgeous singer and goth girl go-go dancers!

The Mighty Mighty Bosstones

Old school video from the old days of the Boston punk scene…ah, memories.

Dropkick Murphys

The dvd that this video comes from has yours truly toasting the camera during one of the songs, albeit from a distance….

 The Dresden Dolls

Been following these two for ages and absolutely love the quirkiness and the whole punk cabaret aesthetic.


Gotta give a shout out to my good friends from Albany. Not the best sound on this video but you may notice a dashing young man in black snapping photos from the crowd…..

Elizabeth and the Catapult

This video has nothing to do with the band. Funny juxtaposition with World Of Warcraft and this song…love it.  Yup, I’m a geek. First heard this band on NPR and been loving them ever since.

The White Stripes

I love the Stripes and damn this album is so loud and almost perfect from beginning to end!

The Raconteurs

More silliness from Mr White and his co-conspirators. This album is another testimony to his diversity and guitar skills.

Suicide City

Yup, I had to add a little screamo-silliness! Love the bass player and they put on a hell of a show!

Soul Coughing

Love this song and I can’t get it out of my head!!!


And finally, my friends from New York City. Not the best sound on this video but you can hear the violin and guitar clearly as well as Miss Lourds voice and again, you may notice a certain photographer in the audience…..