Strangeness from the search archive or Sunday Boobs!

I haven’t looked at that search archive in awhile and today, I took a gander.

Aparently, yesterday was “Boobs” Day. Here are the search terms that found my blog yesterday:

WORLDS BIGGEST BOOBS – Good luck finding those, sunshine….my question is: what are you going to do when you find them? Scratch that…I really don’t want to know.

PORN BOOBS – I’m sorry, but were the kajilliongazillion actual porn sites too busy to field this query??

BOOBS OF THE PAST – Um, what? How exactly do you interpret that? I was thinking maybe it was a porno version of A Christmas Carol and the first ghost is the Ghost of Boobs of the Past…..

BIG BOOBS – Not very original but somehow, they were led to me.

and last but not least:

INDIAN BOOBS – I’m not sure, but I think you may have been looking for Miss Romi 

Strange to see so many boob searches in one day, course now I’ve garunteed I’ll have many more in the future. Joy!



12 responses to “Strangeness from the search archive or Sunday Boobs!

  1. I wonder if somehow the comments you make elsewhere tie into your blog. I do recall you making a comment on a similar topic at my place regarding a lady with a pair of bowling balls. 😉 Hmmm… could be. 😐

  2. Big boobs, small boobs, old boobs, new boobs, bouncy boobs, flabby boobs, past boobs, present boobs, my boobs, your boobs, ohhhhh the boobs we know. There, that should spike those searches a bit more. Hahhahaa. I know, just what you wanted. Your welcome.

  3. MALEESHA – Nice! I like your answer better… 🙂

    PETER – I think the boobs comes from my previous post on strangeness from the search archives where someone found my site by searching for information about their sisters boobs..I was freaked out by that… and seriously, that chick on your site? I honestly feel bad for her. Can you imagine the back pain she will have later in life?…and those implants do not stop growing, they will continue to balloon as long as she has them in…and if she gets them taken out, imagine the saggy skin…just ewwwwww…she either has to be a pornstar/model for the rest of her life or get some serious reconstructive surgery….

    2LD – You know me too well…I love being surrounded by boobage… 😉

  4. Ahhh, I should add some more for your search engine… Nursing boobs, sun bathing boobs, saggy boobs (for those with that fettish), tube top boobs, youtube boobs, itty bitty boobs, real boobs vs fake boobs, falling out of her bra boobs…

    Ok, that should help you a little. 😉

  5. Well, boobs it is and now you will have more and more boob-a-licious visitors, way to crank up the hits! 🙂

  6. If the search had said “SMALL Indian boobs”, than ya it should’ve been a direct ping-back to my site….hahahaha… 😉

  7. What I want to know is, what is the difference between normal boobs and porn boobs? I mean other than the obvious implication that they are boobs in a porn. And boobs of the past? I would love to know what on earth you wrote in order for that one to get linked to you.

    Oh, and because people are weird, you can’t forget granny boobs. That should help.

  8. BETME – Thanks for helping the cause…knew I could count on you! 🙂

    DONTDATETHATDUDE – Yeah, I know…it’s all my fault..

    ROMI – Or “beautiful and bewitching women from canada” 😉

    SARAH – Normal boobs and porn boobs…hmmm, I can’t even imagine…maybe one set is particularly resistant to stains??? and thanks for the granny boobs thought…I will now be skipping lunch

  9. Search terms are FREAKY! A lot of people search out “pissy pants”- I wrote a post that I was feeling “pissy” and they all wind up at my place looking for pissy pants? Hmmm….

    Looking at the search terms makes me realize how many freaks there are out there. I wish I never knew what they were.

    Boobs, huh? How can that ever be a bad thing, right?

    Have an awesome weekend!

  10. JAVA – Boobs are fantastic, I’m a fan of all shapes and sizes. And there are some pretty freaky search terms that find my blog that make me wonder about the sanity of the average human….

  11. lmao, indian boobs…ha a while ago someone searched ‘girl masturbation’ to get to my blog…opposed to? Yikes, I don’t want my mind to wonder to such a place other than girl masturbation…

    Personally, I’m a fan of boobs in all shapes, sizes and ethnic variation…
    My mind wanders all the time…a bit too much…but some of these search terms are friggin laughable…think i’m due for a new one of these entries soon

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