More MEME Madness, Stolen from Pam

· Do you dance in front of the mirror?


Yes and in public too, much to my friends dismay

· Ever told a lie?

I work in car sales, so “Duh”.

· Been arrested?

I was brought in for questioning regarding a friends arrest, but I have never been charged with nor convicted of anything.

· Kissed a picture?

Oh I’m sure at some point in the midst of raging hormonal self when I was a kid 

· Fallen asleep at work/school?

3:30, every day, I go into this low energy crash where I could be in the middle of typing a deal and I just snooze right out…luckily my office is in the corner and out of sight of prying and nosey co-workers

· Held an actual snake?

Indeed, held an albino boa at a customers animal reserve in Greenfield NH…damn that thing was heavy!

· Ever run a red light?

Almost every day: we have a set of lights that if you don’t hit it just right, the light NEVER changes…I have seen people sit there for 10-15 minutes, expecting the light to change and it never does….

· Ever drink and drive?

Every morning: gotta have my coffee on the way to work. But I am usually the designated driver for my friends because I barely drink. I will have one or two drinks very early on and then water for the rest of the night and then drive my drunken silly friends home….more important to me to make sure my friends get home safely than for me to get a ‘buzz’

· Been suspended from school?

Yup, I got a week’s suspension my senior year of high school for tossing someone down a flight of stairs. The person being tossed was expelled for pulling a knife on a student, a friend of mine, and I picked him up as he was leaving and chucked him down the stairs of the english/math wing. Not proud of any of this, but I feel I was kinda justified in being angry with the little puke for trying to knife a friend…and the school felt the same way… J

· Ever been fired from a job?

Been fired a few times in my life, most memorably after I set up someones computer system for them and when it came time to formally work out a contract, they ‘discovered’ porn in their server (the one I set up) and fired me on some bogus zero tolerance internet policy. According to people still there, this has happened many times since whenever they need to upgrade their system. The other most memorable was at a restaurant where I was manager, asked for a raise and suddenly, everything I did was wrong and then a ‘friend of the owner’ told them they ‘saw’ me steal money and fired me. I would love to actually get fired from a job for actually fucking up…oh, wait, no I don’t…forget I said that.

· Been in a fist fight?

Yeah, being one of the few punk rock kids in Preppieville USA led to quite a few beat downs, sadly enough…did I mention I had a troubled youth?

· Sang karaoke?

Much to my friends displeasure….

· Done something you told yourself you wouldn’t?

Yup, very recently in fact and it will never happen again

· Laughed until something you were drinking came out your nose?

Hot coffee and nasal passages are not a good combination, trust me on this

· Ever gone “under the knife?”

I haven’t had any ‘real’ surgery. Had a mole removed and my knee ‘looked at’ which meant cutting an incision and sticking a camera in there, but that’s it really…

· Ever laughed until you wet yourself?

That’s why I wear depends daily…

· Ever been dumpster diving?

College days were fun! For an archeology class, we went dumpster diving to collect clues on the culture around us and work up a history…yeah, I fucking hated that class

· Kissed in the rain?

On the beach, in the rain, watching lightning strike the water, hi-lighting the Isles of Shoals in the distance…it was almost perfect….

· Sang in the shower?

Hell yeah!

· Sat on a rooftop?

I helped my friend re-shingle his roof and I slipped and fell off the roof and onto the balcony on the second floor…he never asked me to help him again.

· Ever witnessed a crime?

No comment

· Thought about your past with regret?

No regrets, no time for examining and second guessing myself. I would rather live life for the experiences and enjoy it all, the good and the bad.

· Been pushed in the pool with your clothes on?

Of course.

· Skinny dipped?

Hell no!

· Cried yourself to sleep?

 A few too many times in my life and usually over silly crap and useless people.

· Fired a gun?

I’m not a hunter, but I love venison, elk and moose…but yeah, I was a boyscout so guns were part of all that and shooting targets and skeet were part of summer camp when I was a wee lad. I own a gun now that I have never fired: belonged to my sister Pam and when she passed away, my brother in law gave it to me. It sits in a box, untouched.

· Liked someone with nobody else knowing about it?

Who hasn’t had a crush in their life? My problem is, I usually have these unrealistic crushes on people who are unnattainable, uninterested, misleading or ‘just want to be friends’…that last one I’m fine with, you can never have enough friends…. J

· Played strip poker?

Texas Hold Em, but never strip poker…I don’t see how that would benefit anyone but me since my clothes won’t fit anyone in my crowd… J

· Donated blood?

Quite a few times, big believer in keeping the blood supply going ever since the 80’s when there was a huge fear of AIDS being in the blood supply and we had a crisis of non-viable or verifiable blood just being tossed away for fear of spreading HIV….I try to give once a year if I can.

· Liked someone you shouldn’t?

Oh yes, yes indeed…nothing better than being lied to…

· Have a tattoo?

One on my right arm, but plans for many more…if I didn’t have this job, I would be covered in tattoos

· Been to jail?

Visited a few…last time I went to the jail in Concord, I was there to visit the craft store outside of it. They sell the furniture and other items that the inmates make in woodshop in the prison. I have a few book cases from there that were cheap and damn nice!. 

· Have or had any piercings?

Yup, both ears, septum and a nipple…the last one was a HUGE mistake since I had it done at a party and they aparently didn’t disinfect the needle. Woke up with a bad infection and huge swelling….as a man, it’s rather disturbing to wake up with cleavage…all the piercings are gone now.

· Caught someone cheating on you?

Haahaahaahaa….I’ve been cheated on and I’ve been ‘the other guy’

· Mooned/Flashed someone?

I’ve been known to moon someone from time to time

· Been to a rodeo?

No, but I have been to plenty of state fairs where horsepulls and tractor pulls and the like take place.

· Been to a NASCAR race?

Hell no! Whats so exciting about watching a group of guys making a left turn for 500 laps???? Now when they crash, that’s always fun to watch!. 

· Been in love?

Head over heals, sadly, she had trust issues and complex neuroses that I had to admit defeat to. 

· Met a celebrity?

I have met quite a few musicians, comedians and radio personalities as well as authors and artists, but never any of the “Hollywood” type…., wait, I did meet Mark Wahlberg once…and Julia Child! She was hysterical! Does Tom Bergeron count as a ‘real’ celebrity?

· Been on TV?

Haahaa! On NH public television, once for their annual auction and once in the audience for Granite State Challenge, a quiz show for groups of high school kids from all the schools in the state

· Know how to cook?

Oh hell yeah! I’m a rockstar in the kitchen… J

· Slept outdoors?

Mmmm…I love falling asleep on the beach under the stars 

· Spent the night in a snow cave?

True story! I was a boy scout and one of my adventures with them involved building snow shelters and camping out in mid february…yeah, not the brightest thing I ever did…

· Smoked?

No cigarrettes for me….asthma is bad enough on its own, thank you very much…as for smoking other leafy products, well, I can’t say I have never partaken, but definitely not something I do anymore…

· Ever done drugs?

During my last 2 years of high school and going into college, I decided to try everything I got my hands on. I was a little reckless with what and how much I chose to smoke, eat, drink or inject into my body, but I’m glad I did because now I have no desire for anything….friends of mine still smoke weed, but I have absolutely no need nor desire to get stoned…I’ll have my wine and other alcoholic drinks from time to time, but being f’d up and out of control holds no fascination with me…been there, done that….on that note, I might do mushrooms again, given the opportunity mainly because it was so mellow and happy and not out of control crazy like other hallucinogens…

· Thought you were going to drown?

I was saved from drowning when I was in 1st grade. Not the happiest memory of that summer

· Play an instrument?

I have been known to play the bongos and the bass from time to time

· Bungee jumped, skydived, based jumped, etc?

Yup, about 15 years ago, spent a weekend learning how to fall correctly and then did two jumps. For the first tandem jump, I got to the door and my arms reached out and grabbed the door jam in what I can only describe as a death grip: nobody could break my hold. It took three people to shove us out the door. But when it came time for the second jump, I could not dive out that door fast enough! What an amazing rush!!!




9 responses to “More MEME Madness, Stolen from Pam

  1. Ha! Your ‘rockstar in the kitchen’ post was the first one I remember reading of yours…very entertaining!

    Mellow yellow + nasal passages = very bad too

    Welcome back!

  2. ALLISON – your comment on that blog is actually what kicked me in the ass and got me writing more…I was ready to call it quits before your comment and I realized “hey, there really are people reading this! cool!!”

  3. “as a man, it’s rather disturbing to wake up with cleavage”… I almost had a liquid via the nose situation when I read this. Thank heavens the liquid in question was water. CLASSIC. Excellent twist to my get-to-know-more-random-facts.

  4. All this “kissing in the rain” business…I feel like I’m the only one who hasn’t done that…well that’s gonna have to go on the To-Do list STAT! 😉

  5. Hey there! I’m stopping by to say hello, been super-duper busy and hope to catch up on all my blog reading this weekend including your meme! Just wanted you to know I haven’t forgotten ,just have no time. Ugh! I hope you are well and happy!

  6. dontdatethatdude – I love that you stopped by just to say why you haven’t stopped by…:)
    Well AND happy are two very seperate things, but I’m working on them….

  7. Hey!
    I left you another email add over on mine under your comment. Or leave me yours. I’m short on time this morning, but just wanted to let you know about that. Have a great day. Oh let me know if you email me so I check the spam sometimes it goes there. Thanks! 🙂

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