Women of Inspiration or Woohoo! My List of “Hotties”!

I read someone elses blog about ‘hotties’ and it got me thinking: what AM I looking for? What qualities do I look for? On a visual level? Emotional? Intellectual? ANd no matter how much I thought about it, no matter how much I tried to pinpoint one type or look, I could not find it. I seem to be all over the map with my tastes and my preferences. The only way I could think to define and illustrate this was to make up catagories and find someone that really defined that category in my mind.

NOTE: This little blog may seem biased towards musicians so tried to pepper it up with some choices outside of the world of music.


Sarah Vowell is one of my favorite authors. I have read every one of her books, I immediately turn up the radio when she comes on NPR and have seen her do readings in Boston. I even loved hearing her voice in The Incredibles (she voiced Violet, the daughter with invisibility powers).  In her writing, you can feel her passion for history and her details of family interactions are so true to life. She loves my favorite band (They Might Be Giants) and is a self confessed geek. Despite playing this for humorous effect, her writing hits me deeply and I always feel like I’ve learned something after reading one of her stories. And she is so cute!! Her pictures do her no justice whatsoever. I’m not sure what happens with the camera, but she looks so different in person. *sighs*


Madeline Kahn. I grew up watching her in the comedies of Mel Brooks and every time, she plays the over the top scenery chewing, comedic center of attention and I love every minute of it. Young Frankenstein, Blazing Saddles and even Clue, she shines in an ensemble cast where a lesser actress could easily fall into the background. One of her famous quotes: “There are no small parts, only small actors”. She was so right.


Angelina Jolie and Salma Hayek….do I even have to explain? Didn’t think so…let’s move on.


Lady Kier from Deee-Lite. I have never owned very many so-called ‘dance’ albums, but their first album was incredible and you cannot tell me that your ass doesn’t start moving when “Groove is in the heart” comes pumping out the speakers! The video for that song was incredible and damn this woman can dance. We were at the Hard Rock Cafe in Boston and this video started playing in the restaurant. For a few minutes I was lost in that technicolor goodness….


Shirley Manson from Garbage. Working in radio had it’s perks and one of them was having the opportunity to meet musicians. When their first album was released, I weaseled my way to one of their shows and got a chance to interview Miss Manson. I was reduced to a giggly little fanboy in about 30 seconds. The eyes, the voice, the attitude, this woman has a way of cutting right through the pop/rock posturing and creating amazing pieces of writing and music. She challenges you with her lyrics while making your ass move with the beat….


Bjork, strange, quirky, silly, shows up to awards shows dressed as a swan, throws a mean right hook if a papparazzi takes too many pics of her kids. Loved her unique voice when she was in the Sugarcabes but she really came into her own when she struck out as a solo artist.


Tanya Donnelly, formerly of Throwing Muses and Belly. Yeah, our little world of college radio in the 80’s and early 90’s didn’t have alot of women as headlining artists. There were a few who were more than inspiring (Kate Bush, Kim Gordon, Juliana Hatfield, PJ Harvey and of course, Tori Amos, more on her later) but Tanya Donnelly was just downright sexxy. Last year, she and Kristin Hersh, the other half of Throwing Muses got together for a show at the Brattle Theater that I heard about, but ultimately missed due to the suck that is my job…missed an opportunity to relive a little piece of my youth.


Natalie Merchant. I was re-reading this and I totally forgot to mention the amazing Miss Merchant. Formerly of 10000 Maniacs, she has since broken out on her own and produced some of the most soulfull music of the last decade or so. But when she was with the Maniacs, she stole my heart, spinning and singing on stage, her voice soaring above the music. “These Are Days” is one of those songs that will always be with me and will always make me smile and my heart to swoon a little.


Jennifer Arroyo from Kittie and Suicide City. I can’t say enough nice things about this woman. Met her through my friends in other bands and she is a total rockstar: super sweet, always so positive, tosses her bass around like a baton, amazing stage presence and covered in some really sick ink.


Janeane Garofalo, I first saw her do stand up comedy on the very short lived Dennis Miller talk show and had a little crush on her ever since. The punk attitude, the glasses (not pictured) she epitomizes what I would chase after in the 90’s: frumpy post punk nerdy girl goodness! 🙂 Lately, she has been the voice of the ‘radical left’, which, truly is a bunch of bullshit. You want radical left wing looniness? Go talk to Jello Biafra sometime and get back to me how ‘lefty looney’ you think Janeane is then. I heard she is returning to acting this coming season on 24! I’m so excited!


Allyson Hannigan…and pretty much every woman on that show! I think this show was the ultimate nerdy culture wet dream! A group of amazing and dead sexxy woman fighting the supernatural evils of the world…with a couple guys thrown in there too… But Allyson Hannigan truly won my heart with her shy portrayal of the computer nerd who slowly but surely finds herself and her confidence as the show went along…


Giada and Rachael Ray….there is a reason why males 18-45 are watching their shows! Giada is truly a wonderful chef and she is great at showing technique and truly creating some amazing recipes. She is a traditionalist, formerly trained and experienced with cooking and creating restaurant ready recipes for the home. Rachael Ray is not. She is perky and happy and way way overexposed but her appeal is simple: she is the everyperson who can create a great dish in the kitchen that may not be ‘formerly’ or ‘technically’ correct, but still great food. She is more accessible than Giada, perhaps. But both are damn cute, but Giada wins, hands down in just sheer luminescance. She absolutely glows when she is talking about something she is truly passionate about. Rachael giggles, which is cute…but no Giada… 🙂


Robin Meade, the only reason I watch Headline News on CNN. I know nothing about her other than the camera loves her and she can read the news….


Amanda Palmer from the Dresden Dolls. She just rocks my little world. Been to about 12 shows for the Dresden Dolls over the years and have been truly amazed at how far they have come, how the punk cabaret scene has grown and grown and Miss Palmer just matures more and more as artist. My friend M said it best: she just seems like this force of nature and I can’t help but be drawn in by her words and her voice.



Tori Amos is just incredible. An amazing talent, incredible writer and performer and capable of reducing me to a blubbering puddle of goo. Her words inspire me, her voice sends chills down my spine and seeing her perform, well, definitely one of the best shows I have ever been to. When I was living in England, I had the opportunity to meet her and I completely froze up. I had bullshitted my way backstage with the “I work for an American Radio Station” which worked more often than not for some reason. I met the guitarist and we were chatting when I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned and there was Tori Amos. I completely froze. The world went into slow motion as I introduced myself and tried to talk. I don’t remember what we talked about, but at the end, she said “enjoy the show” and leaned in and gave me a little hug. I watched her walk away and the guitarist got my attention again. He was laughing. And I was beet beet red….. He looked at me and said: “DOn’t worry, shes used to that…” One of my favorite lyrics: “Just because you can make me cum, doesn’t make you Jesus Christ”. Love her…



17 responses to “Women of Inspiration or Woohoo! My List of “Hotties”!

  1. Great list and I agree on many but not all of them, but hey, different strokes for different folks. 😉 I also like the explanations of your fascinations. I tend to be a bit more shallow on average. Most of my explanations would include descriptions of different body parts, 😛 but that’s just he nature of the beast (Peter Parkour).

    It’s nice seeing you posting again. You made it sound like you might be closing up shop for good only to return a short time later. Was that just a publicity stunt? 😉 Welcome back. 🙂

  2. Peter – I’m such a sales and publicity whore that is has spilled over into my personal life…but seriously, I was sick and a little depressed about some unfortunate circumstances in my life and yeah, I was going to just quit, then work un-banned the site again and I’m feeling better…so I figured, what the hell?

  3. I think I might have a girl-crush on Angelina Jolie. It’s the lips. I was upset about the Jen/Brad thing at first, but then she had to go and do a bunch of humanitarian-type things.

    That’s very interesting about Jeneane and 24. I really liked her in The Truth About Cats and Dogs…You can love your dog….just don’t LOVE your dog.

  4. I am a huge girl-fan of both Angelina Jolie and Shirley Manson. You know what they say, for girls it’s Angelina…for boys it’s Clive Owen. Everyone is allowed those two crushes no matter what bathroom you use.

  5. ALLISON – I forgot about that movie!! Wasn’t Uma Thurman in that too? May have to rent that again just for the double whammy of Uma and Miss Garafalo

    ROMI – Thats ok, Shirley Manson made me a lesbian too…wait, thats not right…hmmm..I just confused myself

    MALEESHA – Clive Owen? ewww… If I’m going to have a fantasy crush, gonna stick with the chicks, thanks…
    Not that I can’t admit that there is no male beauty or I’m just too male to acknowledge it…just would rather keep my fantasies on this side of that particular barn door.
    From a pure superficial stand point, I think I lean more towards Salma Hayek…built a little more for comfort 😉

  6. My favorite line in Young Frankenstein is when Madeline Kahn says to The monster, “I love your little zipper neck”, I try to use it whenever I get a chance. Now that you have introduced me to a new author I will have to go and fine some of her books! Of your list if I had to date one of these women it would be Jeannine Garafalo, If I wanted to just look at one it would be Selma Hyeck!

  7. Wow…that’s one long list, but I have to say I enjoyed reading this. You’re lucky you got to meet some of the people above. I love Natalie Merchant and Allyson Hannigan as well. I wonder how it would be to just sit and talk to stars, without doing it for profesional reasons. Just sit down on a couch and talk about all sorts of stuff…

  8. DDTD – Madeline Kahn was one of the best and that smirky smile of hers…*sighs* And Sarah Vowell is incredibly funny and profound. She pops up on Conan Obrien every now and then…love her! I think Jeannine or Sarah would be the most interesting to ‘date’ because I know they could definitely carry along a good conversation…but you are right, for looks, Salma Hayek is amazing to look at…not sure what we would talk about because I would just end up lost staring at her cleavage (yup, I admit, I can be a pig)

    DREAMER – Working in radio had it’s perks, but now I have made some good friends who are in bands and they just keep introducing me to some amazing people. I have sat and chilled with rock stars after an interview or during shows in the past and trust me: they can be just as boring as you and I heehee

  9. Well that’s good to know isn’t it? :)). But hey…they’re just people too so they can’t be all that different :). If I think about it really well then I have to say that my movie crushes are Kate Beckinsale and Jennifer Love Hewitt. Probably because of Kate’s english accent and Jennifer’s lovely smile 🙂 .

  10. DREAMER – as someone else said: “To each his own”. Kate and Jennifer really do very little for me other than their aesthetic appeal…neither one strikes me as someone I would want to sit down and chat with over coffee (or tea, in Miss Beckinsales case)but I can see how that accent can add to someones appeal….I lived in the UK for a year and their accents just drove me mad…and aparently, the American accent had the same affect…but thats a story for another blog

  11. Your list is outstanding. Angelina Jolie and Salma Hayek…no need to explain with those photos especially. Tori Amos…yes! Food Network…a no brainer. Madeline Kahn…Absolutely! What do they all have in common? Brains. Men should always look for a woman with a brain about her first and foremost. Looks are valued, absolutely, but are always in the eye of the beholder. Intelligence will always last much longer than looks.

  12. SENSUALIST – Intelligence is far more exciting in the long term.
    I’ve said it many times: Anyone can look good, but sooner or later, they have to open their mouth and speak and I lose interest quickly if they have nothing to say.

  13. lmao, i love buffy the vampire slayer!! i own every dvd…alyson hannigan had a really cute personality that gave me a little girl crush on her as well ha ha, that show rocked!

    I drool uncrontrollably when I think about Alyson Hannigan…
    ok, maybe not uncontrollablybut there is some definite salivation of an excessive nature….

  14. They’re all “White”*.

    Good grief.

    There are so many inspirational women of so many other flavors in and out of America that this list seems kind of juvenile/shallow.

    And some of them are risking more to achieve greater, more meaningful things for many more people.

    Get out more.

    *with the exception of Salma’s breasts and the Suicide Kitty

    • Hmm, I was trying to show different stages and influences in my little life. And yeah, I have a preference for pale skin and red hair. Sorry. And before you go and play the racist card, I’m native american…
      This list was a bit of fluff and filler to amuse myself and my friends… so relax a little and lighten up…
      Maybe my next list will include someone you approve of… who knows…

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