Loneliness or Going to the Movies Alone Sucks


Nobody to laugh with.

Ok, thats not true, I have plenty of people to laugh with. Plenty of people who make me laugh and apparently I make them laugh too. I love the company I keep: a motley crew of musicians, artists, amazing women, good friends…family.  But the other night at the movies, I found myself missing something.

I go to the movies alone alot mainly because I have a weird schedule compared to my friends. My time off is hit or miss at best, depending upon if I’m kept late at work. One thing I hate about this job is the uncertainty of closing time. If a customer comes in late, everyone stays late, even if they aren’t buying anything. It makes planning anything with friends or a date extremely difficult on a work night.

Wednsday night, I went to see ‘Tropic Thunder’ for the 10 pm showing. All my friends had work in the morning or were already out and about with other activities. So I was off to movies all alone. Not a big deal. I try to get to the movies early because when it comes to stadium seating at these new fangled theaters we have, the center, first row of the upper leavel is the perfect spot: no obstructions in front of you since that is where the walkway is and the speakers are situated all around you. Perfect seating for the single guy.

The theater filled up quickly. This was the first night of “Tropic Thunder” and aparently, I wasn’t the only one anxious to see it. As I sat there, half asleep in my reclining seat, I spotted a flash of red hair out of the corner of my eye. For those who don’t know, red hair is one of those things that automatically turns my head. I have no control over this reflex, it just happens.

She was shuffling down the aisle towards me and the empty seats next to me. Red hair, straight and almost to her shoulders. A small leather jacket, short little skirt and Chuck Taylors. She had to be in her mid 20’s at best. She looked over and smiled at me.

“Are these seats taken?” she asked.

I shook my head, “Nope, not at all.”

I relinquished the arm rest and she sat next to me, her friend ( a blond chick I hadn’t even noticed) sat in the far seat.

“Hi, I’m Carrie,” She said. “These are the best seats in the place. I’m usually here earlier and sitting where you sit. But (randomblondchickwhosenameIforget) was running late.” She rolled her eyes at her friend and we all laughed.

For the next 20 minutes, we talked, flirted, and had a great time making fun of the trailers and commercials before the movie started. We talked music and the local music scene. We compared notes on shows we had been to and it turned out she had recognized me from a few different events around Dover. 

“I usually remember any redheads I meet,” I told her.

“We didn’t meet, but I remember you doing photography at the Paranoid Social Club show,” she said.

What? How do you remember a detail like that about someone you never met? She must have a godlike memory.

The movie started and the laughs were non-stop. Throughout the film, we laughed together, repeating the jokes sometimes to each other. At some point in the movie, she started grabbing my arm and when she was laughing really hard, leaned her head against my shoulder. I remember thinking “Wow, have I finally clicked with someone? After all this time, so out of practice and a little clueless, did I just meet someone?” My heart raced at the prospect. My mind started doing a little checklist:

Red Hair: check!

Funny: check!

Music Lover: check!

Funky Fashion Sense: check!

Curvy: hell yeah!

I wanted to know more. So as the movie ended, I turned on my phone, determined to get her number. I turned towards her, smiling. In my head, I was trying to think of the right way to just ask for her number, something I’m never good at. Do you try to be ironic and funny about it or just straight up ask? I can never figure that one out….

The seat was empty.

I looked towards the exit and saw a flash of red go through the door.

Nothing. Not even a good night or a goodbye.

I felt a thud in my chest as my heart sank. The evening had been such a tease. This is what I was missing, something as simple as having someone to share a little laugh with. And just as quickly as I had gotten a taste of it, it was gone in a flash again.

I sat back down and watched the closing credits alone.


8 responses to “Loneliness or Going to the Movies Alone Sucks

  1. DUDE!!! 😯 You should have pursued! Oh man, this was a great post with a not so happy ending. I was getting all happy for you. Damn. And then you drug me down with you. All I can say is keep your eye out for this girl. I know I would. 😉

    I know, I know…. I think I was put off by the speedy exit without so much as a goodbye…bit of a mixed signal at best. Didn’t mean to bring you down… 😦

  2. This is pretty amazing and it just goes to show you that life isn’t so different from the movies after all. I mean what are the chances you meet someone who seems perfect and then she just dissapears.Well actually I shouldn’t be the one talking cause it happend to me to so I know how you feel. Sometimes you just have to believe you’ll meet her again cause you can never know what life has instore for you :). Now cheer up, you’ll find the right one eventually(or better yet,you’ll meet her when you least expect it 😛 ).

    I have been in a dating holding pattern for more than 2 years. But, despite the story, I’m not depressed or even upset really about what happened. Like I said, it was a tease of what I have been missing.

  3. I was so loving how this story was unfolding before the end! I know life’s not a movie, but from the perspective of a girl, I just can’t imagine sharing so many laughs with someone new and not even saying good night, even if the only point of view was one of friendship..it’s just plain rude! I hope the next girl who finds you is not such a bitch…lol…that might sound harsh, but it’s just my way of telling you you’re special! Keep on movin’ on 😉

    Thanks Romi… I know you mean special in a good way right? Not the shortbus to school “special” way……

  4. Geez! I can’t believe she didn’t even say bye or nice meeting you, or something. Well, maybe since you both have been to the same social scenes in the past you’ll run into each other again. And if you do, it’ll be easy to go up and talk with her. And who knows where it might go from there.

    I think that is the frustrating part for me: no goodbye of any kind…just found that very strange. We shall see if I run into her again, but, if my track record proves nothing else, I probably shouldn’t hold my breath 😉

  5. I saw Tropic Thunder by myself too… except I saw it on a SATURDAY night. Oddly enough, the woman sitting in front of me was also alone (and no, we did not talk or make eye contact — I did tell her to move though because she just stood in front of me until she decided to sit down). But Red? Not cool. Not cool at all.

    I’m slightly confused…is it the red hair you disapprove of or the actions of this redhead? Heehee….cuz thems fightin words if you are disparraging all redheads…
    Yeah, after a week to think about it, the less impressed I am by her ducking out the way she did…

  6. you know, I bet she was following her friend and they were in a big hurry. watch for her next time. i know that when the movie ends, I am the first to jump up and go, and its not because im avoiding anyone next to me, i have a need to get the heck out of the big dark room.

    you have a need? is there some deep seeded fear you have of large dark rooms? Ya know, I didn’t consider the friend in all this…maybe she was bored with her friend yammering with some random strange guy and hauled her ass out of there as quick as possible…. hmmmm

  7. That is heartbreaking! Seriously. If she has seen you at events before, surely you will encounter her again. It will be like Serendipity (movie with Kate Beckinsale and John Cusack) except she never got around to writing her info in a book for you.

    I can’t believe I have missed so many of your entries. Must catch up!!

    I know, went into a little writing frenzy lately…I have 3 drafts of unpublished stuff right now too
    I have never seen Serendipity…. but as you say, will probably see her around…

  8. Oh no… I’m not bashing redheads. I’ve actually been one a few times. I’m just letting you know that as a person, she’s mean.

    YOU were a redhead? Oh my, I think my little heart just skipped a beat or two… 😉

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