You can only use one word to answer each of the questions.  No explanations.

  1. Yourself:  Strong
  2. Your Spouse:  Non-existent
  3. Your Hair:  Brown/gray
  4. Your Mother:  Better
  5. Your Father:  Buried
  6. Your Favorite Item:  Computer
  7. Your Dream Last Night:  Zombies!!!!
  8. Your Favorite Drink:  WhiteRussian
  9. Your Dream Car:  Smart
  10. The Room You Are In:  Show
  11. Your Ex:  Neurotic
  12. Your Fear:  Loneliness
  13. What You Want To Be In Ten Years:  Content
  14. Who You Hung Out With Last Night:  Cats
  15. What Your Not:  Satisfied
  16. Muffins:  Yummy!!
  17. One of Your Wish List Items:  Powerball
  18. Time:  Afternoon
  19. The Last Thing You Did:  Meme
  20. What You Are Wearing:  Clothes
  21. Your Favorite Weather:  Cool
  22. Your Favorite Book:  Memorized
  23. The Last Thing You Ate:  Chicken
  24. Your Life:  Eclectic
  25. Your Mood:  Calm 
  26. Your Best Friend:  Encouraging
  27. What Your Thinking About Right Now: A Smile
  28. Your Car:  Focus
  29. What You Are Doing At The Moment:  Smiling
  30. Your Summer:  Full
  31. Your Relationship Status:  Single
  32. What Is On Your TV:  D.N.C.
  33. What Is The Weather Like:  Warm
  34. When Was The Last Time You Laughed:  Now

10 responses to “ONE WORD MEME

  1. Great post.Thank for this “game”.I posted my version on my blog.It’s an interesting way to characterise yourself. 🙂 Take care.

    I think the one word forces you to capture the moment rather a long winded full definition….

  2. 14 is hilarious!!! Given the date I had yesterday, I think I’m going to invest in cats and forget about men.

    My two boys make for good company sometimes. Sorry you had a crappy date but be careful buying a cat: if you think men are stand offish and cold sometimes, you pick the wrong cat and you’ll get the same result…

  3. Did you have trouble with this one? When I did it, for the life of me I had a hard time not going on and on and on about things. I felt like I was being mysterious.

    Yeah, when I answer these memes, I tend to give long answers…keeping to one word was really hard.

  4. I like the one word thing. It’ll keep me from droning on (something I do a lot). The more of these I see, the more I want to do them, so here goes:

    1) Me
    2) Her
    3) Dark
    4) Mom
    5) Great
    6) Vodka
    7) Forgotten
    8) See #6
    9) Tank
    11) nuts
    12) pain
    13) good
    14) family
    15) Kwai Chang Caine
    16) Blueberry
    17) music
    18) night
    19) this
    20) suit
    21) warm
    22) funny
    23) meat
    24) mine
    25) good
    26) here
    27) words
    28) works
    29) typing
    30) over
    31) same
    32) nada
    33) bright
    34) Okay, that’s enough of that.

    It was fun, though. And now you know more about this stranger to your blog than you’d ever want to. By the way, that post about your neck made me never want to go down on a woman again. I’m sure that’s not what you intended, though. Regards,

    Richard Whackman

    Great answers! As for your comment about the neck injury, let me tell you something: never let a little thing like short term paralysis deter you from getting down there and doing your duty! 🙂

  5. Was it a scary dream about zombies? Or a cool one where there’s hot chick zombies and stuff? LOL… 😉

    I wish I had dreams of hot chick zombies…heehee
    nyah, I have nightmares now and then about a total zombie apocalypse…and the crazy thing is, despite the nightmares, I still love movies like that and books like that (World War Z is a great book about this topic)

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