Leftovers Shepherds Pie

So you have finally recovered from thursdays feast. Your belt has moved one full notch in the wrong direction and frankly, you couldn’t be happier. As the host for these festivities, I always run into the same damn problem: what to do with all those leftovers??
Well, this is a simple recipe to put everything together for a shepherds pie.
For this particular adventure, you will need:
Deliciously Brined Turkey
Clove or Demi Glazed Onions
Smashed Potatoes and Gravy

You will aslo need several deep dish pie pans. I use the disposable ones from the store, but really any pie pan will do.
First, set up your ingredients like an assembly line.

First, put the deboned turkey in the base of the pan.


Next, add a good some gravy.


Evenly distribute the onions.


Next, add in your squash. You really want to have a bite of everything in every bite.


Break your stuffing up into chunks and layer on top of squash.


And finally, the potatoes. You may need to add some milk to your potatoes and re-mash them so that they are a little creamier and easier to spread on top.


Repeat with remaining leftovers. Cover with tinfoil and stack in the freezer. When you are ready for turkey dinner again, just pull one out of the freezer and place in a 350 degree oven until potatoes are golden brown. Dig in and enjoy Thanksgiving Dinner all over again!

5 responses to “Leftovers Shepherds Pie

  1. That looks lovely and delicious! I do mine almost the same way but I distribute the mashed potatoes the same as the sweet potatoes and then I add a top crust. I just cheat and buy the pre-made ones ahead of time and have them ready with the disposable pans – it makes sending people home with leftovers so much easier and makes future leftover dinners easy too. Leftover thanksgiving pot pie is my favorite! 🙂

    I’m not a big fan of an actual pie crust in my shepherds pie, but I can see how that would add an extra flaky crunch to the dish. 🙂 These are definite crowd pleasers to send friends home with.

  2. Dammit. You’re making me hungry..and you KNOW my cupboards are bare!! Looks like you’ve got an awful lot of leftover turkey there, mister. How many shepherd’s pies did you end up making? Please save one of those bad boys…for when I come out to watch Quantum of Solace with you! Thanks!

    My freezer is full of pies! Three are already spoken for…
    Sorry to make you hungry, but I definitely made it clear this blog entry was about food from the title…heehee
    So when you coming out? 😉

  3. I wonder if giving it a crust makes it not technically a shepherd’s pie? Either way, nobody would have to beat me with a shepherd’s crook to eat one! 😉

    I think it would be just like you said: a pot pie with Thanksgiving Dinner inside. 🙂

  4. Oh my holy YUM. I love Shepherd’s Pie, and while your version is totally different from mine I can see myself gorging on such a feast. That looks delicious! Thank you for sharing because I’m totally going to try it.

    I took my first one out of the freezer this friday and baked it…the way everything comes together under the crispy potato crust…*droooool*
    I will warn you though…if you use the recipes I shared on here, each piece is about 1000 calories…. 🙂

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