No Power, No Water, No Heat….. Good times!

Yup, we’re partying like it’s 1899 at my house! It’s cold, no running water and lots of candles are lighting my way. My whole neighborhood is out. Oh, and let me reccomend, if I may: try bathing  out of a pot of boiled water sometime. You will feel like such a frontiersman!! Now if I could get my hands on a musket, I’ll go and shoot me some squirrel for dinner!

ETA for power restoration: 3 days

Current temperature outside: 18 degrees

EDITED 12/23: Thank you everyone for your concern! Normality has returned…well, normal for me anyway…heat, electricity and hot water are flowing again in the homestead. New Writing will appear here soon… joy!


10 responses to “No Power, No Water, No Heat….. Good times!

  1. Our area got hit pretty bad too. Fortunately, at my house we are only out of Cable TV. I can easily live without that. But my niece, who lives in the next town, was out heat and power so she and her hubby and two kids are staying with us for a couple of days. My house isn’t the biggest but it will do. Thank goodness for spare rooms! I hope your power comes back sooner than you think. Thankfully warmer weather is coming by Monday (at least that is what the forecast says now).

    warmer weather is a good thing! lots of people still without power!

  2. Oh no! I’m with Teeni and hope that your power comes back sooner than they’re estimating.

    I wasn’t hit with the storm you were hit with (not rubbing it in) but I’ve been there (kinda) in the past. Stay warm!

    power came back late yesterday so life is good again… 🙂

  3. Glad to hear your power came back on, GOW. I like the idea of playing frontiersman, though. All that snuggling by the fire to keep warm stuff sounds nice!…ummm. The pan of water for washing? Not so much.

    playing frontiersman was kinda fun….but I didn’t get to hunt me any squirrel… 😦

  4. Oh my goodness; I’ve been hearing about this…hope you’re doing okay over there! *warm hugs* 🙂

    mmmm warm hugs…. *droool*

  5. Bathing out of a bucket? Yep, done that. The first three months I lived in Guatemala I had to bathe with a bowl LOL. But at least it wasn’t 18 degrees out. I really hope the water and electricity comes back (I assume by now it has) and try to stay warm!

    I thought of you when I heated up my first big pot of water… thought of your blog about Guatemala…I could almost liive with bathing like that….very refreshing to dump all the hot water over you in the end….

  6. I had been gone a few days and didn’t see this. Hopefully you’ve got your power back – the thought of you partying like it’s 1899 has me LOL! You little nut!

    It was kinda cool lighting the whole house with candles and such…I didn’t realize how many candles I had until I went into this box I had from when I moved…basically, I had a minor inferno of candles going on in my house…people thought I had electricity!

  7. Oh my! Are you staying warm? Is your power back on? How miserable! I hope you are well!

    It came back on late on Saturday, but there are still thousands of people with no power….and we have another storm coming this friday…joy!!!!

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