Ok, why is my whole site in italics and bold print???? What the hell is going on? And every time I try to contact support, I get a message that they are closed….. help!!!!!!!!


5 responses to “Annoyed

  1. oh never mind, when I go back to your main site, the side bar is all effed up in italics and bold…but when I click a post, it looks normal….what the hell?!?!?! Sorry, I have never seen that before! 😦

  2. You have the same theme (chaoticsoul) as I do. Your site looks completely normal from here but when I click your title the side bar does go into italics.
    Do you use CSS? I have not experienced this either.

  3. Sorry you are aggravated! I wish I could help- but I cannot. Just know that I’m with you in these difficult times 🙂 hee-heee

    It’s all set now…Leakelly pointed me towards the solution… thanks for your support in these troubling times…

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