Four years is definitely way way too long…..
I haven’t had the opportunity to get away in a very long time. I have had no time to decompress, let go of all my anxieties and just relax and be me for a few days. The option of a vacation was denied to me at every turn: salesmanager quit, we need you here every single day for the next two months, salesmanager gets fired and we need you here every day until we find a replacement or the general manager has fallen ill and we need you here every day since the new sales manager isn’t confident enough to run the place on his own.
Ok, that last one was nobody’s fault and thankfully, the general manager recovered and is feeling better than ever. But, at every turn, something has come up. Three years ago, I convinced myself I needed to work as much as possible to try to forget the ex and the three years I wasted with her. So I worked, non-stop and work was happy to take advantage of this martyrdom. Then someone figured out that even though I was doing this to myself, I was definitely in violation of a few labor laws. So they cut back my hours. Suddenly I found myself with time off. And what did I do? I filled all that time off with new projects: supporting bands, doing photography and starting this new adventure here, writing the thoughts that crossed my tiny mind.
And then oil hit $140 a barrel. In a panic, I sought out a second part time job.
So now, working at my main job about 50 hours a week, working part time at the new job for 20 hours a week and on top of that, still working with bands and friends, still doing photography and trying my best to express myself on here. Something was going to snap.
A few weeks ago, I had a bad day. After several days of no sleep, a customer came in and teed off at me about a mistake on their paperwork. A mistake made 7 months ago that they are just now noticing and after calmly explaining to them that there was nothing I could at this point, they proceeded to call me an idiot and I lost my shit on them!We ended up in a yelling match at my desk that ended when my manager came down, took my side and told the customer to get out for being rude and unproductive and to call him later on how the customer can go about fixing the problem on his own.
I sat down, rather embarassed. I never loose my patience like that, I never scream at people. The manager came back down to my desk with a piece of paper. A written warning to go in my file. My heart sank. I pride myself on my cool and being able to handle people, but this very public altercation was something management couldn’t ignore. He slid the piece of paper across the desk for me to sign, patted me on the shoulder as he got up.
“You were right, you know but being right doesn’t mean taking it that far with a customer” he said. “next time, just walk away”
I had forgotten that. Proving a point to someone who really doesn’t give a shit neither makes a point nor does it prove it. All I did was hurt myself.
After a few minutes at my desk, I heard a friends voice in the back of my head.
“Vacation! Vacation! Vacation!” She said.
I looked over my calendar. Maybe this is what I need, time away. Time to just do nothing. Looking over the month, I found January 1st. Good way to start the year off. I circled it on my calendar, filled out my request and the manager agreed that I needed it and it was a smart decision on my part to realize my limitations and how sometimes, you need to just be away.
So starting tomorrow, I will be gone from here.
No phone calls.
No titles.
No nothing.
Just me in my car….
I’m heading out to western New York to relax and just be for a few days. I have the honor of having the opportunity to hang with my good friend 2LazyDogs. I see wine and good food in my future as well as exquisite company and excellent conversation.Besides visitng the Lake Erie area, Niagara Falls is also on the agenda, a natural wonder I have never had the chance to see.
And on my ride home on Saturday night, stopping in Marcellus NY at a place called the Village Tavern to see my good friends Sirsy perform. If you are anywhere near there, I highly reccomend braving the winter chill and checking them out! New venue for them and they are hoping for a good turnout. (Shameless Plug)
So I have 4 days of driving, laughing and enjoying myself. Four days I really need. Four days. It won’t be long enough.


8 responses to “Vacation!!!

  1. omg, I KNEW IT! I don’t know how I knew it, but it was just something that I knew. Do you know what I’m talking about?


    I KNEW IT! Between facebook and here, I dunno- I always noticed you guys chattering back and forth—-

    OMG, ya’ll better tell me everything!!!

    PS Enjoy the wine and cheese 😉

    Allright JQ, take a deep breath and relax…heehee
    It was a wonderful couple of days…blog is in the works…

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  3. Was that you I ran in to at the Thruway rest stop today? The wife said Who is that in the Sirsy hat? I saw the hat and didn’t even make the connection. See you at the VT on Sat.

    And the whole ride from that rest stop I was sitting in my car going “Was that Chet??”
    Great show on saturday despite the close quarters…

  4. Just a few thoughts: no matter how badly your relationship went or ended or whatever… you didn’t waste 3 years. Think of what you learned and how you grew.

    I went off on a customer once. He didn’t speak English very well, which didn’t help the situation, and became irate when I told him that I couldn’t fix his VCR… so he threw it at me (thankfully, he missed). I got in trouble because I yelled back and kicked him out of the store. I lost my cool and while I was totally in the right, yelling didn’t do anything to alleviate the problem.

    Vacations are necessary to cleanse the brain. We all need time away from the daily grind to take stock of our lives. Have a good, relaxing and safe time on your journey.

    You are such a sweetheart. I know I didn’t waste those three years. I was working towards a goal. Unfortunately, I was the only one working towards that goal. 🙂
    And seriously? He threw a vcr at you?
    You should have been like “I see your vcr and raise you a can of pepper spray!”

  5. Good for you! Get away, see only what you want to see. Talk to those only who with whom you want to talk and remember that life still has beauty. I’m a strong…STRONG F-ing advocate of decompression, release and breathing different air.

    Take care of yourself, Sweetie. Enjoy the ride.

    Let me know how you’re doing once in a while. You should commune more.

    Happy New Year and all that that implies.


    Thanks Laurie
    I don’t get to comment as much on your blog since it seems to be blocked for some reason here at work, but I will definitely try to comment and read more from home in the new year. 🙂

  6. Aww, it stinks that you got a warning in your file but it could have happened to anyone and especially with that little amount of time off to destress lately, I’m surprised it hasn’t happened to you sooner! I hope you have a wonderful time off and I’m so jealous you get to see TwoLazyDogs! Send her my best and give her a hug from me! I hope you come back relaxed and in better spirits. Maybe in the future you can try to schedule time off every so often so you don’t have all that stress build up at once. Sometimes just having something like that to look forward to helps a LOT! Hugs to you and a happy new year!

    Thanks and happy new year to you as well! I’m definitely scheduling more time off. Four days wasn’t nearly enough….

  7. Have fun in WNY!

    I do believe the weather shouldn’t be all that bad… less the typical snow storm and such.

    Here’s to a relaxing vacation. You deserve it.

    I was surprised. Despite all the warnings of approaching lake effect doom and gloom, I was only witness to one brief snow storm that amounted to nothing.

  8. four days it a very short time, but I hope it is giving you the relaxation you need…and ya you get to meet 2lazydogs!! 🙂 Hope you are having a great time!

    Ok, so were your ears burning on saturday? We were eating at the Hard Rock Cafe and it suddenly occurred to us that we should have invited you, Talea and anyone else within driving distance to come meet us….heehee

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