Pictures of My Little Vacation

That’s how I feel right now. In an hour or so, I have to return to work, but I wanted to come on here and share some of the sights from my little foray into western New York.I plan on writing a long blog about the silliness of the last few days. I want to thank 2LazyDogs for being the perfect tour guide and partner in crime.

Docks on Lake Erie


Ice on the lake.


random swan


Derelict Car


Freezing on Lake Chautauqua with my gracious host 2LD.









Melanie playing with the Hard Rock Cafe drumsticks I gave her.


Sirsy packs everyone in.


It was a beautiful couple of days full of good food, great conversation, amazing sights and ended with a night of music and silliness. I’ll write more later, but hopefully this will do for now.


8 responses to “Pictures of My Little Vacation

  1. As much as I gripe, there’s something beautiful about this area.

    Glad you had a good time and are seemingly defrosted.

    I drove all night after the Sirsy show, stopping occassionally to take hour long naps in rest areas and when I got home, I barely made it through the door before I was fast asleep for 7 full hours! Yeah…I think I’m defrosted now…heehee

  2. Oh my freaking cold… I’m glad you had a great time because I think I would’ve been crabby and miserable. Not a big fan of being cold. But the important thing is here that you are RELAXED. So your vacay was a success!

    Well, at Niagara, you were always a short walk away from a building with heat but to truly enjoy the sights, you had to venture out into the cold. So braving the cold wasn’t too hard when you knew you could warm up at any moment. 🙂

  3. I’m lovin the pics!! But the cold looks miserable. Glad to hear that you had such a great time and were able to relax and forget about work for a while. That’s always the best!

    The best part about the whole trip was having a funky and cool partner in crime for my touristyfoodeesightseeing silliness. 🙂
    Glad you like the pics. Soon as I get a chance, probably going to post them all on Facebook or Myspace. 2LD and I have alot of duplicates aparently…. 🙂

  4. Oh, I’m so glad that you got to meet up with 2LD and that you got to see such wondrous sites. It does sound worth it if, as you said, there were plenty of warm buildings to step into nearby and warm up. Otherwise you wouldn’t have been able to enjoy such beautiful scenery. I’m glad you got to have fun and relax. Can’t wait to hear more about it. 🙂

    I had never been to Niagara Falls before and this was a real treat for me. I squealed like a little girl when 2LD agreed to go there on saturday! 🙂

  5. George!
    You rock! Thanks so much for the drum sticks. 🙂 LOVE your photos!! The ice on the lake, swans, and red car were my favorite- little pieces of art and life wrapped into one. Thanks for sharing. Happy New Year, dear friend! Hope to see you soon.
    –Mel (sirsy)

    Thank YOU Miss Krahmer for an amazing show on saturday night! Great way to end my vacation!

  6. I’m so glad you had such a great trip in the short time you had, and from 2LD’s post, it seems like you two had a great time on your meet-up! Hope you are feeling a little more relaxed now 😉

    I was feeling quite relaxed when I made it back from my little vacation…and I’m already making plans for my next adventure… 🙂

  7. George, those pictures are awesome (and truly made me shiver). It looks like you had a fantastic vacation. I love it when bloggers got to meet (I got to meet ‘The Letter T’ on my NY trip). Must be something about NY bloggers.

    Next time, come up to the Boston area and come say hi… :)and thank you for the compliments on the pictures. I had about 300 pictures from those 4 days….2LD was the best host!

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