The Exchange on NH Public Radio

My official news junky geek moment of the week:

I listen to NPR pretty much all day here in my little office. This morning, on the NH Public Radio show “The Exchange”, I emailed in a comment on a discussion of college towns and college town culture. The author that Laura Knoy was interviewing had recently written a book called The American College Town . The book is an examination of the quintessential American College Town using examples from all across the country and how those colleges and towns interract and impact one another.

Here is the comment:

“In 1990, Keene NH resembled a hollywood back lot of Everytown, USA. I went to school there then and there was literally nothing to do. It was like the town was in denial that they had a college on their premises and they rolled up the sidewalks and closed up shop at 6pm. There was little to no ‘nightlife’. I have been back and recently and what a change! It was like they finally embraced the college and the whole town reflects it. Bars, stores and restaurants open til much later at night, a wider variety of shops and activities in the town…I was really impressed with how it has grown.”

Laura read my comment on the air and they spent a full 5 minutes discussing my points…

You know you’re jealous.


4 responses to “The Exchange on NH Public Radio

  1. I am jealous! That’s so cool. I don’t think anyone has had a public discussion on something I’ve said before – at least nothing I’ve wanted them to haha!! Kudos to you!

    Thanks! I totally geeked out that they read and discussed my points about the lovely town of Keene NH! I even sat in my car on my way out last night and listened to the re-broadcast…yup, I’m pathetic

  2. Oh I am sooo jealous…argh, you and your bragging…lol…but seriously that was a good comment and yay five minutes of discussion because of what you said…sweet 😉

    Have you ever seen the movie JUMANJI? They filmed that in Keene NH while I was at college there. All the downtown scenes, including the riots and the animal stampede all take place there. And no, I’m not in the movie. I showed up with a bunch of students as extras for the riot scene, but I have slowed the movie down frame by frame and I have never seen me in the film… so sad

  3. SWEET! I am a little jealous! 🙂 How the hell are ya??? 🙂

    I’m good, a little stressed with my new blog idea, but it seems to all be coming together…hope you are doing a little better…

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