Moments of Joy and Other Sublime Silliness


I have been feeling way too adult lately.

Deadlines. Meetings. Quotas. Bills. Taxes. Registration of my new car. Spring cleaning looming on the horizon.

It’s all been adding up to a whole heck of a lot of stress thats been bearing down on me for the last two weeks. I need a reason to be happy.  Surfing the blogs the other day, I came across the beautiful Miss Shepherds entry and felt a little inspiration. My mind started it’s own list of natural highs and moments that bring me joy.

1. Walking along the beach on a warm night, my toes sinking into the wet sand, the waves around my ankles.

2. Lying on the sand on a summer night, listening to the beat of the waves.

3. Making an elaborate meal for my friends when they are down.

4. Planning and cooking a huge meal for an event (Thanksgiving) and having it all come together perfectly.

5. Sinking into the couch on a cold day, wrapped in a warm blanket with a huge mug of coffee and a stack of dvd’s.

6.  Stealing a few minutes on my break to drive down to the beach and watch the waves for awhile and let my mind decompress a little from the stresses of the day.

7. Planning a road trip with my fellow ‘road warriors’ to see the bands we love.

8. Having a total geek moment and walk into a comic books store and talking all things X Men and Dark Knight and all things in between with fellow recovering geeky nerds like myself. Once in awhile, the nerd has to be let out!

9. Walking through the toy section at Walmart and seeing all the neat and highly detailed toys, secretly wishing I was a little kid again….

10. Picking up a book I haven’t read in a long time and falling into it’s pages like putting on an old sweater: comfy and warm.

11. Losing 8 hours of my life wrapped up in a video game. I realize some would see this as a waste, but sometimes getting lost in a little fantasy land is what my brain needs. And before you say “Go read a book”, I do read darnit and nothing compares to seeing your character run through that fantasyland and directing the action yourself. Don’t hate. 🙂

12. Having some song from the 80’s pop on the radio that I haven’t heard in a long time causing me to dance joyously. Melt With You and Rock Lobster are two songs that always make me giddy.

13. Having the lead singer dedicate her next song to me. I always get a little weak in the knees when that happens.

14. Being a dj and playing the music I love and actually having listeners. I truly miss this. When I was a dj at Keene State, I loved knowing people were listening.

15. Music Geek moment: going into a record store and ending up in a conversation with a total stranger about whether Trent Reznor sold out, or if the latest Ani Difranco album rocked or sucked or who was on tour and what shows we have been to, etc, etc, ad infinitum.

16. The smell of fresh brewed coffee.

17. The smell of my kitchen when I have been cooking up a storm.

18. The smile of a stranger who caught me glancing their way.

19. Playing with my camera and photographing the little things in my life.

20. Giving and recieving a hug when I least expect but when it was most needed.

21. When my rockstar friend tells me I’m one of her favorite photographers. I’m humbled that anyone would consider me a ‘photographer’, but for that to come from my friend who has been through professional photshoots for magazines and her own promotional work, I think I must have blushed three shades of red. Makes me want to take photography a little more seriously….

22. A moment of silence with friends. Not an uncomfrotable silence, but a sort of silent soldarity where there is nothing to say and we are content and comfortable with each others company and don’t have to fill each moment with talk.

23. Seeing a band for the first time, the thrill of hearing new music and a new voice.

24. The smell of laundry fresh from the dryer.

25. A clean house.

26. Getting in my car, loading up on music or books on cd, hot cup of coffee in hand, picking a direction and just going. No destination, no cares, no worries. Just me and the car driving as far away as possible.

27. The experience of a ‘destination’ restaurant. Picking a cuisine or restaurant from a review either online or on a Foodnetwork/Phantom Gourmet/Travel Channel reccomendation and going for their signature experience. I have a list a mile long of everything from greasy spoons to haute cuisine that I want to experience. Anyone up for a little road trip???

28. Sucking out a flush or a straight on the river and cleaning out my friends at the poker table when I was sure I had made a mistake by going all-in on Jack/Ace suited. Yup, I play way too much poker…..

29. Waking up to find my cat nuzzled into the crook of my arm.

30. Las Vegas! I loved that town when I visited in 1999 and been dying to go back ever since. I felt like a kid in a candystore there! A very adult candystore, but nonetheless….

31. Holding hands with someone for the first time, that fumbling of fingers and palms, finding how your hands fit together.

32. A first kiss, melting into each other for the first time.

33. The unspoken dialogue of eyes and movement, knowing someone so well that you know what they are thinking without ever speaking a word.

34. Hugs that linger and last too long, conveying more in that moment than words can capture.

35. WordPress Geek: Checking my stats and seeing what people are reading…I do this all the time. Makes me smile to see what people like.

36. Chocolate, especially dark chocolate.

37. Going to a wine tasting and being suprised by some obscure shiraz,  merlot or pinot noir that I had never heard of.

38. Catching up with an old friend and laughing about how much time has passed and how old we are getting.

39. Realizing how much your friends and family really care about you.

40. Successfully writing out 5 more moments of joy than Pam. (Couldn’t resist putting a little competitive spin on this)


7 responses to “Moments of Joy and Other Sublime Silliness

  1. This was a great list. It’s so important to be grateful for the little things that make up most of the content of our lives.

    If we don’t appreciate such things, we miss out on living and loving our life (instead of just existing).

    And thats all I’ve been doing for 2 weeks…just existing….all work and no play and I start to lose perspective on whats really important….

  2. You’re a funny man and I love your list. Such a good writer as your descriptions are intense… I can feel, touch, see and smell everything.

    I’m glad I could put a smile on your face today. 🙂

  3. Nothing wrong with playing video games ;). I love the world of warcraft…

    Haha! I actually suspended my account with World of Warcraft because I was spending way way way way way too much free time on there…I might go back to it someday, but my current obsession is “SPORE”

  4. awww…I don’t hate at all on the video game thing; like nothing beats playing some vintage Mario, whenever I can steal a chance for that! 🙂

    PS: wow…loved the way you described that first kiss…mmm 🙂

    Ah Mario, haven’t played that in ages. I won a PS3 at the xmas party this year…maybe I will invest in a little Mario…
    On the kiss: every first kiss in my memory feels that way, where you just let go, such a vulnerable and powerful moment, however brief.

  5. What a wonderful list! It’s always good to concentrate on some things that bring you joy. 🙂 You describe each one very well and I enjoyed reading it. I indulge in some video gaming myself (usually it is the harmless, cute character kind and not the bloody, shoot-’em-ups that my hubby plays) but I do enjoy them.
    They are easily addicting – just like blogging! 😉

    Thats what I like about “SPORE”, basically a game about evolution….lots of fun and endless scenarios you can play out…but occassionally, gotta run through a dungeon with a battleaxe or creep through an abandoned hospital with a shotgun and hunt down nasty critters or even run through a battle field on some distant planet….

  6. I could use a friend to cook for me, lol. I enjoy food, thats probably on their list of things they enjoy(when glassofwater cooks for me)and yes, hugs that make you feel like your soul is being shot the hell out of with little naked baby arrows(uh, that sounds so pedo if you dont reference valentines day…) Also, i like when a stranger catches a glance with you, it makes me wonder what they are off to go do during that day, and if it includes buying me dark chocolate(i like that too) and suprising me with a movie moment, lol that never happens and you never see that smiley person again, its fun to imagine though.

    MMM dark chocolate! That was my downfall this past winter. Someone bought me a big box of dark chocolate samples from the Lindt Chocolate Factory and I told myself I would only have one once in awhile but instead, ended up eating the whole thing…ahh, temptation.
    I love those little movie moments too: share a smile, maybe a few words and some flirting…but then they are gone…. It may not go anywhere, but fun to imagine it may have…
    My friends have yet to complain about my fact, tomorrow night is poker night and someone asked if I was making pancakes…guess that was their way of asking me to cook for them 🙂

  7. Great list, George! Numbers 20 and 36 are my particular favorites 🙂

    now if we could somehow combine hugs and chocolate….it would be messy, but it just might work!!!

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