Casual Sex or Clean Up in the Shoe Department


If I saw you, I wouldn’t be able to look you in the eye today.

I had a sex dream about you last night. There’s no way to be coy about it. No way to make it seem like something else. This wasn’t a cute romantic dream about holding hands, cuddled on the couch, watching movies with the occasional kissing and snuggling.


This wasn’t that at all.

The dream began innocently enough. We were walking through the mall, talking about some new job you had. Apparently, in my dream, you can’t hold down a job and this was your latest career. I don’t remember the details but I think it had something to do with quality control at a university someplace, which really doesn’t make any sense. I mean seriously, what does “Quality Control” at a university really mean? I think my dream version of you is just making shit up…

As often happens in a dream, the scenery changed abruptly. First we had been walking through the food court area of the mall. Emo kids where strewn about everywhere, wearing their latest pre-fab uniforms from Hot Topic. Is it really emo and punk to hang out at the mall? Really? And why do you all look the same? Maybe it’s a product of getting old and being an old punk rocker, but kids these days, the ones who pretend to be so punk, they all look the same. Same skinny jeans, same ill-fitting shirts, same “Hot Topic” tags. I seriously cannot understand the concept of that store. Punk, at it’s core was and has always been a DIY experience and yet, if you want your musical and political statements pre-printed for you, here’s a store with all the essentials. For Fifty bucks, you too can look like a punk rocker or an emo kid! Way to go kids! Way to dumb it down even further…

Yeah, I do rant like that in my dreams too… J

But I digress…we were walking through the food court and suddenly we were at the entrance of JC Penney. You took my hand and smiled at me. For the first time, I noticed you were wearing a tight fitting t shirt that accentuated your frame rather lovingly. You caught me looking and poked me in the stomach.

“Come on,” you said. “We have to hurry. I have church in the morning.”

I smiled at you, thoroughly confused by this statement.

You pulled my hand and lead me through JC Penney. I was completely puzzled…even in my dreams, I’m absolutely clueless. You lead me through to the mens shoe department. Did you know that JC Penney has a new feature in their shoe department? I guess this must be standard in all their new stores. Apparently, they all have a secret door in the back that opens up right into my bedroom. I wasn’t aware of this new feature until you opened the door and dragged me through.

Surprisingly, I had remembered to make my bed and tidy up my room before I left for the day. In the dream, I must have more free time.

You wrapped your arms around me and kissed me. For a moment, I was melting. The world froze and I could feel the heat of your body against mine, the taste of your lips, your tongue. You pulled back suddenly. A devilish grin came across your face.

“You are too gentle.”

With that, I felt your foot scoop around the back of my legs, taking my feet out from under me and I crashed backwards onto the bed.

That’s when you pounced.

What transpired from there, I humbly must leave to your imagination. I can say that there was a whirlwind of activity, involving positions of all imaginings and even a few that were against the laws of nature and a few that I’m sure were illegal in several states. In the end, the bed was broken, the tv had a bed post through it, all the paintings on the walls were askew, the mattress was on the floor and you and I…you and I were in a broken sweaty heap on the floor. I was gasping for breath and you were giggling at me, half covered in one of my old t shirts. How did you find my old Cure Tour t shirt? I thought that was lost 20 years ago? I snuggled in with you and for a moment, for one quiet moment, I felt content.

You poked me in the belly again, teasing me about my weight.

“I have to go” you said “and you have to wake up.”

Thats when I heard my alarm.

For a few brief moments, in those milliseconds between sleep and smashing my alarm button, I could still feel the smoothness of your skin, the brush of your hair across my face and neck, the taste of you on my lips. Then you were gone. The illusion was broken and I woke up alone in my room. I looked towards the door to my bedroom half expecting to see the hustle and bustle of a JC Penney shoe department but I was disapointed to just see the hallway, my cat wandering towards me, demanding some attention.

I spent today wondering if I should tell you. How much is too much sharing when it comes to friends?. I know I’m only a friend. But part of me wants something more and I’m not sure how to reconcile that.

The dream was intense, playful and extremely x rated. There were things you did that I would never have expected from you. If I told you, would you have a good laugh with me about? Would we kid each other about positions we should have tried in the dream then just carry on as we always have? Would you recoil in horror or would you jokingly admit to having something of a similar dream? Would you be able to forgive my imaginations lack of discretion? Do you feel the same way? Or am I alone in this, deluded by my own overactive and undersexed libido? I’m happy being your friend, but is that all there is? I know it was only a dream and I know where my boundaries are, but part of me can’t wait to go to bed tonite and go shoe shopping again….


13 responses to “Casual Sex or Clean Up in the Shoe Department

  1. I am fascinated my the notion that the woman cannot hold down a job, she might be making up her current job, and she ends up wearing a t-shirt from a long time ago… and you noticed the shirt she had before entering the store (I seem to recall you have a healthy hetero-male fixation on breasts:).

    She seems to represent some kind of wild, free, youthful impulse to which you are totally open (uh-hem).

    My fascination with all things boob related is well documented. 🙂
    And yes, she certainly seemed um, open…

  2. Wow….that was some intense stuff, and if I wasn’t clear before, it is PERFECTLY okay for you to dream about me in this way….HAHAHAHAHA… 😉

    PS: where did you find that pic? very cool….

    I stumbled upon that picture and thought it was amazing. And Miss Romi, you know you take my breathe away… 😉

  3. Okay, so this REALLY brings out the Carl Jung dream interpretation in me.
    And maybe some other things I don’t usually admit to. Whew!

    awww, only maybe?? hmmm…note to self: try harder next time… 😉

    And feel free to interpret awy my friend, I will always welcome a little analysis…

  4. lmao, i love the rant about hot topic, truely a pathetic fashion statement to shop there! Very descriptive…you should write for literotica!!!

    Hot Topic is one of those places I just get annoyed with…we used to make all that stuff by hand, silk screen our own shirts and make all our punk stuff on our own. Now you can go to the store and just buy the look…kinda takes all the fun out of it.
    As for Literotica…ummm, not sure how well I could do writing erotic stories…this is about as close as I get. Thank you for the encouragement though… 🙂

  5. Very well written post. Dreams are so strange. I love how you discovered that JC Penney’s shoe department has a door in the back to your bedroom. LOL. And yeah, the Hot Topic rant was a riot but only because it is all so true!

    heeehee…Yeah, I won’t be able to in there now without checking out the shoe section…
    Hot Topic just kills me…such an easy target to make fun of…

  6. I agree with Shweta (if I misspelled the name, I’m sorry but I broke my glasses and am squinting at everything) and I love the Hot Topic rant. I can’t understand why everyone believes they are being so unique when they are all wearing the same thing.

    Hot Topic is a sore topic for me…anytime I can rant about an indiustry of manufactured individualism, I feel like I’m adoing a public service. Go out, buy the materials and make your own statement…buying it all premade is pretty pointless

    I too love the picture. I just keep going back to look at it.

    I really wish I could tell you the artist…I stumbled on it and love it too… 🙂

  7. I found the artist for this picture. The name is “I must be dead” He/she/they have a Myspace page and a flicker account (there are some pretty awesome pics on there).

    Sometimes, and only sometimes, I think it was a good thing that I was a librarian…

    You so rock!! And thats one of the reasons why I love librarians. Hmmmmm I feel a blog coming on….

  8. The picture is an actual photo that he took and then edited. The title of this photo is Casual Sex by i must be dead. His work is amazing! Hmm, about the writing. Well no offense but it’s rather redundant and cliche. How typical of you to attack emo kids, and Hot Topic. Seems overdone, doesn’t it? It’s not completely awful, but it’s not good either. Too many questions and not enough detail. Don’t just tell me what happened, show me. That’s what makes a good writer.

    • I appreciate criticism of all kinds. Thank you for stopping by. I’m assuming you are either a friend of the artist, a fan of prefab poor excuse for punk stores or a pathetic little emo kid crying out for some attention. Run along little emo kid and remember, when you slit your wrists, slice upwards not across. Have a nice day!

    • Yeah, the inadvertant bumping of naughty bits can completely destroy a friendship…. I love that picture too, a friend tracked it down online and found the artist for me… love it!

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