37 and Still Feeling Frisky

4bddYup, it’s official: I’m 37. Part of me wants to discuss aging, growing older and wiser and what the future holds for me and my place in the world. Part of me wants to create a poetic treatise on aging, love and good friends. All noble intentions of my creative mind.

The rest of me wants cake.

Think I’m heading out for cake and ice cream. Diet be darned! I’ll hobble my way through the day loaded up on cake. old_man_walking_with_walker_lg_nwm

Sometime this week, I’ll write something reflective and introspective but right now, I hear chocolate calling me.

PS: Quote of the day from one of my co workers:

“37? Really? Happy Birthday! You are officially invisible to women under 30! Congratulations!”

11 responses to “37 and Still Feeling Frisky

  1. Oh, did you get your customary “birthday bitch slap” in on your co-worker?

    Better hurry up before the end of the day.


    Nyah, there was no time for a good old BBS today….but thanks for the enthusiasm… πŸ™‚

  2. I know I said this on FB but one can never hear it enough I say, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

    Thanks! You’re right and I’m so humbled by how many people came onto FB and wished me a Happy Birthday

  3. Oh, MAN! I am so behind on my reading! I missed your birthday and everything! I am so sorry!

    I hope you got to eat lots of cake and ice cream ’cause you know it doesn’t turn into fat on that one day of the year, right?

    Happy belated birthday!!!

    It doesn’t???? Wish I had known that!!! I ate so much on my birthday…people bought me breakfast and lunch and then took myelf out for ‘Dinner For One” at a fancy shmancy restaurant…..

  4. Hope you enjoyed the cake and ice cream…and you are TOTALLY visible to women under 30…trust me! πŸ˜‰

    Thank you Miss Romi πŸ˜‰
    So when are you coming to visit?

  5. Happy Birthday!!!!

    As I sit here, on the precipace of turning 50, I can remember being 37. Hope you enjoy it.

    I know it’s been a while, but will endeavor to come by more often.

    You do the same.

    And Sweetie, there ain’t nothing to aging. Once you get over the harsh realities of your 40’s, you’ll embrace the insight you’ll discover in your 50’s.


    Thanks my friend…Not afraid of aging really…just..well, something for a blog sometime…

  6. Happy Birthday. Sorry I’m late.

    You are never late, my friend…your birthday wishes were right on time πŸ™‚

  7. Holy crap – I’m so far behind on reading that I really missed your birthday by miles. I am so sorry! I had to laugh but your co-worker’s comment was mean AND funny! Anyway, age is all how you feel and you will never catch up to ME! LOL. I wish you a year full of wonderful days with good health and fortune. πŸ™‚ Birthday hugs to you!

    Thank you thank you thank you! Hope your classes and such are going easy on you!

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