Strangeness from the Search Archive, 8-23-08

It’s that time once again where I delve into the deep dark recesses of the Search Archive and pull out some of the most disturbing and thought provoking searches that found my blog. And just so I can feel like I’m doing a service for my fellow man, I will attempt to answer these queries in my own way: with hard research, fact finding, constructive criticism and, when all else fails, full-on bullshit!

were not that different just think differently

Good observation, ass hat! I think that holds true for everyone everywhere.

monhegan island japanese tv

I love Monhegan Island. I love Japanese game shows. What if we combined the two somehow? Strand a group of naive japanese tourists on the island and force them to endure life with the sound of peaceful waves! Make them paint the the majestic scenery! Overcome their anxieties from everyday life! And whoever has an emotional and/or spiritual awakening first wins the game!! Hmm…maybe this is too highbrow of an idea….

beer joke half empty half full

Yes, I know this one: “Some people look at that glass of beer and say it’s half full, some look at it and say it’s half empty. I look at that glass and think “Who the hell has been drinking my beer???“. Thanks for stopping by….

when i wake up in the morning irish song

Ok, this is a little vague. I did my research (google search) and found many possible answers to your question. Artists from U2, the Dropkick Murphys, Enter the Haggis, Donal OShaughnessy and even the Cranberries have done irish songs that feature the line “wake up in the morning”. Be more psecific next time schmoochy!

half full or half empty devotions

Not sure how a search for  devotions or daily prayers found their way to my little corner of the web. Is someone trying to tell me something?

horror hair ventilation movie

Ok, I’m being serious here, please try to form one coherent thought into your searches. This looks like you randomnly threw some words together and hoped for the best. Please, find the time to string together a few brain cells for some meaningful interaction with the interwebs or do us all a favor and step away from the keyboard!

wayback machine cloud nine gentlemen’s club

Cloud 9 seems to be a popular name for strip clubs all over the US. Which one are you looking for? Tulsa Oklahoma? Troy New York? I found on Local Yahoo for Troy New York several reviews that mentioned some problems with prostitution charges that have since been cleared up and as one reviewer chimed in ” The good news is they are back open so show your support for the girls and get down to cloud 9 for some good clean dirty fun! You’ll have a blast.” So I guess check that one out if you feel like travelling to Troy….

melanie punk harvard square

I remember a girl named Melanie from back in the day in Harvard Square. Trust me, she was a grade A bitch! You want nothing to do with her. With any luck, she probably got run over by a bus.

what does sirsy “lie to me” mean?

Finally! A question I can Answer without research. “Lie To Me” is featured on Sirsy’s third album Ruby. I have spoken to my friend Melanie (singer for Sirsy) about this song and she explained it this way (paraphrased): “Staying in a relationship despite the lies and living within the illusion that it’s all fine. Allowing the anger and frustration to just fester and remain unnaddressed while living out the lies of someones professions of love or fidelity.” On a side note, this is one of Sirsy’s few slow songs and nothing cracks me up more than to see happy little couples dance together to the lyrics “Everything you are Is just a lie to me, so lie to me.”

And finally, for any regular readers, you knew this was coming:

boobs.are.fantastic. –

Yes, boobs are INDEED fantastic! Why do you feel the need to punctuate your query with periods? It’s distracting me from your otherwise very concise observation of the gloriousness that is all things boob related.