100 Things: New, Improved and Updated for 2012

This list is in serious need of an update! Wow, been so long since I looked at this. This is an ever evolving list of 100 Things about yours truly. It was a challenge to come up with 100 distinctive ideas about myself. Feel free to steal the idea and give it a try yourself. Updated 05/27/2012

1. During the last year or so, I have become an amateur photographer, annoying friends and bands near and far with my picture taking.-Over the last few years, I have compiled a huge collection of pictures of bands, nature, people, the stuff of my life. I love photography, but I feel myself moving back to painting.

2. I’m an excellent cook. -Damn right!

3. I’m not an excellent cook of desserts. Too much measuring to bake correctly…if I could figure out a way to stir fry brownies…

4. I eat way too much meat. –Actually, I recently started the Paleo Diet and challenging myself to live the Paleo Lifestyle – no gluten, no dairy, no wheat or grains. A blog about my experience is forthcoming.

5. I miss the idea of my father.

6. I have a tendency to expect the best from everyone, even when they have proven that they are not capable of that standard.

7.Sometimes at work, I find myself hating my co-workers. I know it’s an irrational hatred and something I’m working on..

8. I’m a snob…I don’t mean to be a snob, but when I meet people who are less educated than myself, I act differently. – UPDATE : 2/11/08 – I still think this is true, but I like to think I’ve loosened up considerably.

9. I have friends who inspire and humble me with their kindness and generosity.

10. I love red hair. Not sure where this came from in my life. Some time, long ago, I had a crush on a red haired woman and the color stuck. Strangely, I’ve never dated a natural redhead. UPDATE: Still haven’t dated a natural redhead…I’m more taken with brunettes anyway…. UPDATE 05/27/12 – One of the main reasons for my sporadic writing over the past couple years has been because of a redhead. Good or bad, we were involved with each others life off and on for awhile. And I have gone out with a couple other redheads since, none of those dates really ended well. So, I’m doing my best to swear off redheads for awhile. Someone has to be pretty extraordinary to not scare me away with their ginger-ness. 🙂

11. I prefer dark hair to blondes. UPDATE 8-18-08: I think blondes are cute too… 🙂 Update 05/27/12 see above.

12. I spend way too much time online.

13. World of Warcraft is sucking the life out of me. Why am I obsessed with levelling up an imaginary character? – 2-11-08 Not so much anymore…thinking of cancelling my subscription. I still love the game, but my life is so full of other things, hard to concentrate on a silly game.

14. I miss the idea of high school. I didn’t have a normal high school experience and I envy people who talk about the good times they had growing up. UPDATE 05/27/2012 – Since this was written, had my 20 year reunion. Amazing how 20 years wipes the slate clean and we are all friends again… so strange…

15. I had a gun held to my head once for a mistake I never made again.

16. I kinda like some chick flicks.

17. Driving for hours makes me happy.

18. I’m a history junkie. If I could, I would stop at every history marker on the side of the road.

19. I’m convinced my cat tries to talk to me.

20. I lost my virginity at a church camp. – no, not to a priest, sicko….

21. I used to be a leader of a church youth group.

22. I have dyed my hair almost every color of the rainbow.

23. I had a mohawk for ages. And a black trenchcoat, combat boots and nose ring. Yes, every day was halloween.

24. My right nipple was once pierced, then got infected and blew up to the size of a baseball.

25. I fall in love easily.

26. I fall in lust even easier.

27. My heart has been broken more times than I can remember, each time vowing that will be the last….

28. I speak enough french to bullshit my way through a conversation, but not enough to live comfortably among the french or to visit France.

29. I met someone I really like. UPDATE 8/18/08 Still waiting to meet someone new…..UPDATE 05/27/2012 Haahaahaa…not sure why I included this in my list. I could recycle this over and over….

30. Dark colored eyes hypnotize me. Blue and green eyes dazzle and leave me speechless.

31. I have a tendency to have a slight case of road rage when I’m behind a slow poke in the passing lane.

32. I’m addicted to music. Music has permeated my life in a way I never thought it would, bringing with it good friends and amazing experiences.

33. I can’t get out of Bullmoose Music or Newbury Comics without buying something.

34. Part of me still thinks I’m in high school. Part of me is still that insecure little kid…

35. I know I’m an adult.

36. I definitely do not feel like an adult , nor do I think I act like an adult. UPDATE 8-18-08: This was not to imply that I’m irresponsible… 🙂

37. I am always the designated driver in any circumstances. The safety of my friends come first before me getting a little buzz.

38. When I was young, I thought Horton Center was the most peaceful place on earth. Situated in the mountains, it was a beautiful retreat from the real world.

39. Last year, a good friend, showed me a new place of peace and serenity: Monhegan Island. Update 2-11-08 : I have been back on 3 day trips since then and still haven’t had enough. I need a week in this beautiful place to paint and create and enjoy the silence.

40. I haven’t sat down in front of a canvas in months. 2-11-08: Canvases have been completed, but nothing I want to show, mainly just sketches and things I’m working out. UPDATE 05/27/2012 – As I said above, photography distracted me for awhile, but I feel I’m ready to paint again…soon

41. I eat sometimes when I’m depressed. Then I punish myself for it by going to the gym for hours. 2-11-08 : Haven’t punished myself in awhile…need to get back in there… UPDATE 05/27/2012 My weight has been an issue my whole life, but with the Paleo Lifestyle, I think I have finally found a formula I can live with. As of today, I’ve lost 37 lbs and I have added a gym and a trainer to get me to where I want to be.. fingers crossed… 🙂

42. The stupidest things can remind me of bad times in my life.

43. A smile can make my day.

44. I consider eye contact a sign of intelligence. If someone won’t look me in the eye, I immediately judge them. 2-11-08: I think I have mellowed on this one too.

45. A hug can make up for almost anything.

46. I cried September 05. I cried alot.

47. I love sitting in the window of a coffee shop, drawing the people around me and catching snippets of their conversations.

48. I will do pretty much anything for chocolate. UPDATE 05/27/2012 I no longer crave chocolate…

49. I have an addiction to caffeine. If you cut me, I bleed espresso. UPDATE 05/27/2012 I kicked my addiction to coffee!!

50. I miss my sister Pam. I never got to say goodbye to her: she was already in a coma when I saw her, and that’s where she stayed until her passing.

51. I have a tendency to giggle uncontrollably at stupid crap.

52. One of my favorite movies of all time is Airplane…why? see above.

53. When I exercise, it’s one of the few times when I feel good about myself. UPDATE 05/27/2012 I must have had a low self esteem moment when I wrote that. This is not the case at all. I know I’m awesome, not just when I work out.

54. Life and karma are working against me, but I’m doing my damndest to put out good karma, hoping it will come back.

55. I started running and I love the silence and just hearing my breath and my heart. UPDATE 05/27/2012 Running never really took hold for me, mainly because of the pain in my knees, but I’m willing to try again.

56. I try not to be a stereotypical male, but I find myself staring at breasts a lot lately, staring like a thirsty guy who just crossed the desert would stare at a glass of water. UPDATE 2-11-08: Yup, still staring, sorry ladies…. UPDATE 05/27/2012 – Yeah, things haven’t changed.

57. I can’t relate to anybody at my dealership. If I talk about art, they want to talk about sports. If I mention politics, they are not interested unless there are naked women involved. If we could have a political debate with naked jello wrestling going on at the same time, they would finally be excited about politics.

58. I will do anything for my friends.

59. My heart is not in my job. I need to find a new place to be. UPDATE 05/27/2012 I have been sticking it out here because of my responsibilities at home, but my resume is out there in the world… I’m working on improving my life, may even be going back to school soon as well.

60. Part of me still holds onto that fantasy that I may win Powerball, no matter how improbable, part of me still insists on dreaming that dream.

61. I think I was in shock when they tore my house down. The house I grew up in, never knew it would hurt so bad to see it torn down.

62. I loved living in England. I loved the history, the people, the culture…every aspect felt right and it broke my heart to leave.

63. I have a fetish for glasses. Next to red hair, glasses are a huge turn on.

64. I worry about the silliest crap. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night in a panic because I forgot to pay (name of random bill here).

65. My choice in music is influenced greatly by whether I can reach the cd as I’m heading to work.

66. I love beer, the more micro the brewery the better. UPDATE 05/27/2012 Unfortunately, this is one of the great sacrifices I had to make for the Paleo Lifestyle…. However, hard cider is gluten free…. 🙂

67. I have an impossibly high tolerance for alcohol. It really takes hard liquor to get me buzzed. Beer has little to no effect, even in mass quantities.

68. I’m inspired by the simplest of kindnesses from my friends.

69. I love my family and hold them more dear than anything else.

70. Part of my job is to pretend I like everybody who sits in front of me and it kills me everytime. I’m always worried someone will see through the smile and see the FUCK YOU behind it. UPDATE: In the 2 years since I wrote this, I realized the “FUCK YOU” does not apply to everyone. Just the ones who insist on reading the fine fine print on the massive contracts I have them sign or question me on how to fill out a title.

71. I have a tendency to shoot my mouth off about something that is on my mind, just to get it off my chest. Its nothing personal, but I feel better after I’ve said it rather than bottle it up.

72. Even though I’m not religious, I do consider myself spiritual. I believe it is possible to find a spiritual awakening without involving anyone’s god.

73. Part of me believes there is something after this life…

74. Part of me is terrified that this may be it…

75. I think I saw a UFO when I was 7. My mom and my neighbors swear by this too and it was the same nite of a ‘documented’ ufo sighting all along the seacoast of NH. My first thought in retrospect is: why would they visit NH?????

76. One of my guilty pleasures is watching the food network. I think I have a crush on Rachael Ray. UPDATE: Not so taken with Miss Perky anymore. If I had to pick a preference these days, I would have to go with Giada…little more sophisticated and refined…. 🙂

77. One of my dreams in life is to be a world remowned artist. UPDATE: Or Photographer.

78. I’m one of the few men who WILL ask for directions when I’m lost.

79. I can’t follow a map to save my life but I usualy end up where I need to be.

80. I think the word supercalifragilisticexpealidocious should be used more in regular conversation.

81. I envy the surfer boys and girls on north beach. Surfing was the one thing I wish I had given more of a chance. I tried once…took a header into some rocks and that was the end of my surfing career.

82. I have a tendency to really get angry at parents who don’t know how to parent and expect the world to parent for them.

83. My political views are heavily slanted to the left, but I believe in a dialogue with the right. Polarization does not a political discourse make.

84. I think I have done every drug I could get my hands on. Some of my college days were a blur, but now I have no wish to do any drugs at all. I won’t turn down a doobie being handed my way, but thats about it. I have no wish to try anything else ever again. I don’t regret what I tried in college, just never going to use them again. UPDATE: I have the occasional drink, but nothing else.

85. That being said, acid was a hell of a lot of fun. UPDATE 8-18-08: and mushrooms….

86. Last 2 years of high school, I was diagnosed as manic depressive and used that to exploit people. I’ve never forgiven myself for being weak and using people.

87. College allowed me to come out of my shell and become the person I am today.

88. I wish I was in college where my only worry was how we were going to Northampton or Boston for a show.

89. I trust people even when I know I shouldn’t.

90. Sometimes, I need to be completely alone. At these times, I completely close up and am incapable of talking to anyone. UPDATE- Since finding all these wonderful people who have become part of my life, I find myself having fewer and fewer of these episodes.

91. I saw Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers throw up right in front of me and then start playing their 1st song. (UNH concert…who else remembers that???)

92. I played Double Dragon with Joey Ramone…I thought I had died and gone to heaven.

93. I miss being a dj. I really wish WUNH wasn’t so stuck up about who they ‘allow’ on the air. UPDATE: WUNH has really gone downhill, no longer on for 24 hours straight, they seem to have lost the pride and prestige they used to have….

94. I have been to a strip club 11 times in my life. I enjoyed the nudity, but didn’t enjoy myself. Felt like shopping at the mall when you have no money: nice to look, but after awhile, you get bored and its time to go home.

95. My opinions are strong and you cannot sway me.

96. My opinions can be swayed by pie. (read into that what you will).

97. I’m never the life of the party, but I usually know everyone by the end.

98. I go to concerts so I can feel like I’m a kid again, without the stage diving, pits and bar fights.

99. I still need to learn how to be happy with and love myself. UPDATE: Still working on these, but I have amazing friends who help…

100. I have alot to learn and I’m always open for a lesson. You know it’s a good day when you realize you have learned something new. 

11 responses to “100 Things: New, Improved and Updated for 2012

  1. #15 – still want to hear about this one!
    #16 – Yay for you!
    #19 – and what do you think it says?
    #20 – WTF?
    #31 – me too (or when I’m behind a slow driver, or an old lady driver, or…!)
    #62 – why did you leave?
    #63 – heehee, I just went for my first eye exam EVER – I want glasses (so I can look smart(er))but, alas, I have perfect vision!
    #66 – ditto
    #80 – Um diddle diddle diddle um diddle ay

    Well done! Well done!

  2. This list is incredibly good. Maybe you should have it printed on a T-shirt…putting your heart on your sleeve so to speak.

    #20 (church camp) still freaks me out a bit.
    #52 (Airplane) Striker! Striker! Striker!

    It sounds like you have good friends 🙂

  3. IFOUNDME – wow, thats would be a whole blog unto itself…high school was hell, pure and simple…life outside of high school was fantastic!!!! Not much of an answer I know, but best I could do here…but thank you, inspired me to think up a blog addressing this idea…thanks for swinging by… 🙂

  4. Your list is supercalifragilisticexpealidociously fantastic! I loved learning about you and can see you have the gift of learning as you go. Some people are not able to do that. Hence, the phrase, “set in his ways”. I don’t ever want to be set in my ways! Now, I gotta go have a lookie at the rest of your place!

  5. Now that’s a pretty good way to get to know stuff about you but I think the best way to get to know someone is just to sit and talk to him\her for some time, since that’s not possible I guess this will work :)).

  6. JAVAQUEEN: That word is sooo underused….and I will never be set in my ways…too much to do and too many people to meet for me to fall into any kind of pattern

    DREAMER: A cup of coffee and a good chat would be a much better alternative than just reading a list of facts, but such is life…we make of it with what we have.

  7. I will become a great fan of the sitcom they produce in the future about you and your amazing brain!
    You are delightfully authentic!
    I love it!

    Thanks for surfing by! A sitcom you say? Hmmmm….but who would play me??? Drew Carey comes to mind…..

  8. Where have I been? If I were a guy, this would have been my list. We have so much in common! (Except for the loving red-headed women)

    I think we may be related. Sorry. No one would want to be in my family tree. It has chronic and fatal Dutch Elm Didease. But we’re never boring!!!! 🙂

    Howdy cousin! 🙂 The fascination with red hair has been a life long thing….think I’m kinda over it for now though….
    My family tree suffers from a crippling case “where the hell are they?” syndrome…I have distant cousins living on reservation land in Northern Maine that I have never had the opportunity to meet and as well as huge chunks of distant relatives in Nova Scotia…a huge swath of people that I have never seen…meanwhile down here in NH, just me and my mom

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