Today, I am 40…

I often thought that hitting 40 would be so much more of a big deal. I was expecting a little fanfare, balloons and cake and hey, maybe even a parade! (I can dream right)

But in reality, I greet this day with a smile, the well wishes of my loved ones and friends and the expectation of a great night out tonite with amazing people and good music. No big deal. No pressure. No soul searching melancholy on the meaning of my existence as I reach middle age. No, just acceptance, a smile and looking forward to this new chapter in my life. I’m happy and but not content and that makes this birthday so much better than all the rest. New opportunities, new friendships, new loves (or maybe even an old one), I’m looking forward to what is to come. Forward, with no regrets.


5 responses to “Today, I am 40…

  1. Good for you…my 40th was a disaster I had just been told by my then separated husband that he was in love with another woman…it was the first time in my life I ever got drunk in public. Not pretty. I thought my life was over cause who would fall in love with a post 40 single mom of two teens. Boy how wrong I was. I hope you find everything you dream of. And yes do keep writing!

    • Thanks! I’m working on it… I fell deeply in love with a woman over 40 with two teenaged boys (older now) but, sadly, that didn’t really work out… I’m hoping I find that kind of love again, but it’s tough. That easy sort of “feels just right” kind of love, I hope to find it again….

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